Panerai 2003 New Models

Since its foundation, Panerai has been dedicated to creating the products with superior excellence. Radiomir Panerai, which was the first Panerai watch, came in 1938 and imediately shown extraordinary performance, it passed military's most stringent waterproof standards. Since then, Panerai has been in conformance with the spirit of pursuit of excellence, established the qualities of reliability, high-tech and waterproof which their products were advertised.

Today, waterproofing was the basic performance which a watch should have, but not the case in the early twentieth century. The concept that the body and movement of the watch should be waterproof has not risen until the 1930s. However, Panerai has the honour to take the lead for designing military professional diving watches that could be used extreme conditions. The spirit of pursuing quality and technical research and development has never changed for Panerai. In fact, the 300-meter waterproofing of Panerai watches and other reliability-related standards even became the reference frame of other brands in watch-making.
And now into the 21th century, to maintain its consistent quality, Panerai Contemporary Collection were all equipped with high-quality manual or automatic winding movement, which has passed C.O.S.C. test to ensure the reliability, stability and accuracy.

In 2003, at the 13th SIHH, Panerai unveiled their newly produced watches, including the Luminor Marina Tantalium 44mm, Radiomir Chrono 44mm, Luminor Chrono 44mm and Luminor GMT 40mm, they once again proven the spirit of being uniform and loyal to tradition, and created a brand image - to establish high-quality sports watches.

Panerai Chronograph Watches: Grasp the Moment

Wrist watch was born in the twentieth century, chronograph watch also opened a new chapter in watch history at that time. In some complex functions given to the movement, chronograph could best meet the daily demand of time management in modern times. Panerai has positioned it as a professional mechanical watch manufacturer since the 1930s, this status was particularly conspicuous through the introduction of some special edition watches. These watches were equipped with Haute Horlogerie movement, and stainless steel, gold or platinum case.

Famous Panerai chronograph watches included Mare Nostrum Chronograph (made in 1993, limited to 200), Radiomir Split-Seconds (made in 1999, limited to 20), Luminor Chrono Flyback (made in 2000, limited to 300) and Radiomir Zerograph (made in 2000 and limited to 99). Apart from the special edition watches, the other chronograph watches also included Panerai Contemporary Collection Luminor Chrono Steel/Titanium models, 40mm in diameter, it has been modified to Panerai Luminor Chrono 44mm in 2003, and the special edition watches with greater performance adopted Radiomir case, and equipped with Haute Horlogerie movement, reflecting Panerai's professional status in sports field and the consistent reliability and accuracy of its products.

Radiomir Chrono 44mm: Equipped the Precious Movement Made in the 1970s, Limited to 230 Pieces
Radiomir Panerai unique anti-shock case return to penerai favorite 44mm.

Classic elegance of the case, with the historic significance of the movement produced in 1970s, 13 ¼ lignes Valjoux calibre 234 chronograph.

This precious movement between 1970 and 1974, total production of about 16,000, so far has been discontinued. Limited edition 230 Chrono Radiomir 44 mm watches, with polished case, push the button at two o'clock position start chrono, four o'clock position button back to zero.

Winding crown and start/stop button are fixed with screws. The specifications of this movement described as follows: diameter 13 ¼ ligne; 21,600vph; 18 jewels; manual winding, power reserve 50 hours; recorded by Gabriel shock absorbers; vertical wheel device; half day hour jump performance (Change the date takes about one hour; moving parts, bridge, board by chamfering processing; bridge decorated with Geneva wave (Côtes de Genève), ring embossed board; blue steel screws; with two counters; date display window at the 4:30 position; stainless steel folding buckle with crocodile strap.

Luminor Marina Chrono 44 mm: The Combination of History and Expertise

Panerai first introduced chrongraph Luminor Marina 44mm watch. Luminor case combination with chronograph device is fairly complex process, its design must take into account the button (position fixed) device and meet the requirements of using crown guard to protect winding crown.

The long-awaited international market Luminor Marina 44mm watch draw a perfect ending for the Luminor contemporary collection. Luminor contemporary collection series has two size(diameter 40mm and 44 mm) and time display, diving, power reserve, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and the chronograph and other five major performance.

Panerai Luminor Marina 44 mm Chronograph has advanced chrono watch essential performance. Hours, minutes, small seconds, date display at four to five o'clock position. And has traditional chrono, minutes(30-minute), seconds performance.

This watch install three counters, through the design of the two buttons into the Luminor case execution time performance. Start/stop button on the two o'clock position, zero button in the four o'clock position. crown at ten o'clock position to adjust the date; date display window between four or five o'clock position. crown responsible for winding and time setting (fixed second stop).

Panerai Calibre OP XII movement created life for Panerai Luminor Marina 44 mm Chronograph. This automatic movement mounted on ball bearings on top, with self-winding performance, automatically by the heavy metal dial drive operation, 28,800 times per hour, power reserve 46 hours, the automatic dial and crown guard determine the movement characteristics.

Panerai Luminor Marina 44 mm Chronograph with spiral matte steel case and 2.55 mm thick sapphire crystal, water resistant 100 meters. Can be measured tachymetric of polished stainless steel bezel, instrument calibration on-the-horizon. Compressed rod on the direction of winding crown, contrary with the existing design of other watches, to facilitate the operation of chrono button. There are several species of crocodile leather strap colors to choose from. This watch is attached to the official Swiss COSC issued certificate by, provide for the quality and reliability a powerful guarantee.

Luminor GMT 40 mm: The Best Knowledge and Time Management

The twenty-first century is dominated by the time management and mobility of the world, quite frequently travel across the continents. Display second time zone watch, has become a daily essential items. Panerai Luminor GMT is created base on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), you can learn the second time zone, and the local time anywhere in the world.

Committed to creating a practical chronograph products Panerai introduced GMT watch, diameter 40 mm, stainless steel strap and leather strap with buckle adjustment. Dial edge has second 24-hour time zone scale, the time zone indicate by central hand.

Panerai Luminor GMT 40mm with an exclusive 13 ¼ ligne Panerai OP VIII mechanical movement, self-winding, 28,800vph, winding power reserve 42 hours, pass the test by official Swiss chronometer. Display a second time zone Panerai Luminor GMT 40 mm, hours, minutes, small seconds display at nine o'clock position, date position at three o'clock position. Adopted brushed stainless steel case to provide protection the crown guard which made of polished stainless steel. 2.55 mm sapphire crystal, waterproof to 300 meters. Panerai Luminor GMT 40 mm with adjustment buckle attached with crocodile leather strap. Also available sophisticated production process polished and matte finished alternate stainless steel strap.

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