Famous Panerai Boutiques Abroad

Panerai boutiques provide the exchange place for Panerai watch fans and collectors, in the stores, there are not only general series of products, but also many rare special editions.

Geneva Boutique in Switzerland

Panerai would open its first boutique in Geneva, Switzerland. The business place was selected at the most famous luxury shopping street in Geneva - number 19 in the rue du rhône street, there were a lot of other boutiques around, each of them belonged to different world famous luxury brands.

The new boutique was divided into two floors with a total area of 125 square meters, which not only offered enough space for the traditional sales area, but also set with exclusive area dedicated to satisfy those collectors and customers who wish to receive special services. Stop beside the large central window and two side windows, you could overlook the streetscape of rue du rhône.

This boutique was designed according to the typical style of Panerai, its appearance, color and material combined perfectly, creating a simple and elegant environment. The boutique adopted Italian design style, inspired from the sea - teak and different materials such as steel, porthole-shaped windows and furnitures with wave patterns and so on, as if exposure to the vast time ocean.

Like other boutiques of Panerai, customers could find all the models of Panerai series here in Geneva store.

Panerai Geneva Boutique

rue du rhône, 19
1204 Geneva
Telephone: 004122 818 66 44
Fax: 004122 818 66 49
Email: geneva@panerai.com

Paris Boutique in France

In October 2010, Panerai opened a boutique in the famous landmark in Paris - rue de la paix, which was located between place vendome and opera garnier and has always been a focal point of the boutiques of top jewelleries and wrist watches. The new Panerai store, which was exactly located in this place, could offer stylish and elegant evrironment for customers and Panerai enthusiasts from all corners of the world, so that they could understand and buy Panerai watches carefully. In addition to showing all models of each series, some special edition watches were also available.

The area of the brand-new Panerai Paris boutique was about 41 square meters, you could feel the simple and elegant Italian design style when just entering the store. In design form and materials, the store used teak and stainless steel, to highlight the theme of the marine world, detailing the deep origin between Italian Navy and Panerai.

The store also hung a large wall clock, showing an unique feature of Panerai watch in a large proportion: Sandwich Dial structure. The so-called Sandwich Dial referred to a design - the middle layer, which was coated with Super LumiNova luminescence, was sandwiched by two identical layers (Super LumiNova was also used on hands and markers), this design was to ensure that the markers on the dial were clearly visible.

Panerai Paris Boutique
3/5rue de la paix
75002 paris
Telephone: +33(0)1 55 04 19 36
Fax: +33(0)1 55 04 19 37
Email: paris@panerai.com

New York Boutique in The United States

The new Panerai New York boutique was opened in the world-famous Madison Avenue, number 545, here gathered many famous international brands, especially clothing and jewelry brands. The street which the boutique located in were full of Italian brands, so this place was called "Italian Mile".

The boutique adopted Italian design style, which was based on the theme of the sea, used teak, steel, wire mesh panels and other materials, coupled with sketch and images of Panerai watches. The porthole-shaped window brought the decorations on yacht to mind, the rolling booth looked like the sea wave and detailed decoration also refered to diving suits and equipments.

The new Panerai New York boutique would display some limited edition watches, especially the watches that were equipped with in-house movements, including the highly sought after Radiomir Tourbillon GMT, Luminor 1950 Tourbillon and Luminor 1950 Chrono Monopulsante.

Panerai New York Boutique
545 Madison Avenue
New York, ny 10022
Telephone: 001 212 223 1562
Fax: 001 212 421 3716
Email: newyork@panerai.com

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