SLOB - The First Vendom Prototype Watch

During 1997 and 1998, Vendom Group bought Panerai, Vendom Group was now called Richemont Group, but at that time, Panerai only had several models and Stallone. After taking over Panerai, Vendom wanted to fire the head big gun, so they published four models of PreA and some Prototype watches, some of them were very innovative, whether in colour or material. Today, I'll introduce the SLOB Prototype watch to you.

SLOB is the name of the watch, limited in a number of 10.

At your first glance, it looks common, but check carefully, it is very special.

Case: Copper alloy with PVD coating, the inner ring is also made of copper, 43mm in diameter, Luminor case shape

Crystal: Domed Plexiglas

Case Back: Titanium

Crown and Lever: Titanium

PreA and PreV as well as A are T-Dial, but taking over Panerai, Vendome replaced it with L Dial in 1998, because they thought Tirtum was radioactive and its luminescence wouldn't last long.

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