Panerai Sponsored Shell Ferrari Historic

In 2006, Panerai cooperated with Ferrari and published a new series - Ferrari engineered by Officine Panerai, this year, Panerai became the sponsor of Shell Ferrari Historic, this game had a close relationship with the history of Ferrari Maranello factory.

Shell Ferrari Historic was started in Europe and North America(four events would be held in Europe and five events in North America, each place would also held the closing ceremony - Ferrari World Day). In these events, many Ferrari cars that were produced before 1982 would appear. Those cars were divided into three types according to the characteristics of their own - Single-Seat Car, Drum-Brake Car(produced around the 1950s and 60s) and Disk-Brake Car(production was discontinued in 1982), they would begin to compete from different starting grid.

It was worth mentioning that, in the competition, five cars were manufactured between 1934 and 1939. It was in that period, in Florence that was not far away from Maranello, Giuseppe Panerai created the first Radiomir: this watch blent exquisite technology and was exactly the beginning of various watch series which Panerai created for Italian Navy.

After publishing the Ferrari-related Ferrari engineered by Officine Panerai series, Panerai sponsored Ferrari events to prove its determination to move forward on the road which Panerai has been going on for many years, and took this as the standard to protect and promote the brand's tradition and history. At the same time, Panerai continuously shown its value and idea with cutting-edge technology and design. Panerai would publish eight brand-new models for Ferrari(four Granturismo watches, two Scuderia watches and two special editions that commemorated the 16th anniversary of the Maranello factory), to further expand the product lineup of Ferrari engineered by Officine Panerai.

In 2007 Shell Ferrari Historic, the games of European division would be held in Mugello Autodrome, where the International Antique Motor Vehicle Competition also happened, afterwards, some games would be held on two classic circuits - Silverstone and Le Mans. While in North America, you must go to Infineon circuit, which was located in California, there would be many exciting Ferrari games, such as F430 Single Challenge Match, FXX Testing and Single-Seat Cars exhibition.

Events Calendar:

In Europe

Mugello: March 29 to April 1

Silverstone: June 8 to 10

Le Mans: July 6 to 8

Hockenheim: September 21 to 23

Ferrari World Day: October 26 to 28

In North America

California Infineon: April 13 to 15

Virginia Int.1: May 18 to 20

Canada Mont-Tremblant: June 15 to 17

California Speedway: August 10 to 12

Laguna Seca: August 17 to 19

Ferrari World Day: October 26 to 28

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