To revive Swiss watches, ETA started to introduce a totally new brand to the world-Swatch

In the beginning of 1980's, beneath the impact of Casio, Seiko together with other famous but cheap watch brand, Swiss watches lost their participation the center and low class market. To create back Swiss watches, 3 decades ago, ETA started showing an entirely new brand around the world-Bit of fabric.

To manage to sell bit of fabric, the organization produced an unexpected movement. They created a massive watch, 500 ft extended, hang on regarding headquarter of Germany Commercial Bank, and show this message: Bit of fabric, 60 marks. Regarding Germany Commercial Bank might be the best skyscraper in Frankfurt. This movement triggered a sensation immediately, the newspaper made plenty of free advertisements for bit of fabric. Next a few days, everybody in Germany understood a bit of fabric. Bit of fabric also broke the standard concept of cheap items could be dangerous. The price was just $ 40 to $ 100 per watch, nevertheless it had the best of Swiss watch: lightweight, waterproof and shockproof, electronic simulation. The watch strap was plastic with lots of sharp colors it absolutely was very appropriate for sports.

Like a model for that Swiss watch, bit of fabric might be the youth energy in the world. It proceeds inside the rhythm of recent existence getting its stylish color, lively design and subvert the standard shape. Bit of fabric distribute an unmatched thought for time, gain excellent and acceptance around the world. The initial kind of watch has offered a lot more than numerous on the planet it only needed 18 years which causes it to be work. In early eighties, bit of fabric remains regarded as getting no future throughout the forex market by some experts. This can be frequently a worldwide record.

The information what bit of fabric sent is touching a person's heart of everyone: regardless of national culture and age. Before bit of fabric, not just a single brand can buy such success. Inside the least time, catch most individuals heart, stand an issue that can't be shaken. Inside the eve inside the millennium, bit of fabric remains vibrant and effective bold, creative and highly provocative.  The actual reason behind the success is not a secret: negligence material is not just timing watch.


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