Such watches are not only meant for serious professionals but can be worn by men of all ages

When it comes to making an impact in the boardroom, an analog wrist watch can be a great asset for any working professional. Coupled with a leather band, they provide the suave looks of a gent's quartz watch which helps the wearer flaunt the right amount of attitude. A rectangular wrist watch only heightens the elegance and style. It defines a man's personality and also helps to exhibit a no-nonsense attitude. Such t watches are not only meant for serious professionals. They can be worn by men of all ages. A leather band gives these watches a smart and suave look.

The Ebohr 235113 Leather Watchband Men Quartz Wrist Watch is fine example of such men's quartz watches. It features a leather watchband which gives it an edgy and suave look. The band is made from the finest material which makes wearing it a pleasure. It is categorized under the precision watch category. Such watches are highly precise in keeping track of time. The dial is rectangular in shape but the large digits make it easily readable. The fine craftsmanship shows in the watch's remarkable finishing.

Although this watch does not have any advanced features like noctilucent dial, chronograph, tachometer and altimeter, it does not fail to impress. Given its modest pricing, the watch is a good deal. It is perfect for serious business people and professionals. Since quartz wrist watches are quite light in weight, such watches can be worn for hours on stretch. The leather band is made from the finest material and is therefore not expected to cause the wearer any discomfort.

Men's quartz watches are a perfect gift option for any working man. Although a leather watch looks good on people of all ages, a rectangular gent's quartz watch goes perfectly with a working professional's attitude and style. Although these watches do not feature some of the latest technologies, their smart looks more than make up for it.

The Ebohr 235113 Leather Watchband Men Quartz Wrist Watch is perfect for all occasions. Be it the office boardroom or the restaurant, it looks good on all everywhere. The charm of an analog wrist watch coupled with the suave and sleek look of a rectangular dial, it is a very attractive wrist watch. The body of the dial is made from stainless steel. The leather watchband completes the stunning look by adding a dash of attitude. Priced at $153.49, this gent's quartz watch sure is a good deal.

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