The difference between a designer watch and a fashion watch is not always easy to see until viewing closely

Watches are an essential part of anyone's wardrobe. Although some designer watches are used as an accessory, we wear watches as a functional timepiece.

Watches are designed for different occasions, job roles and lifestyles. There are many different types including; casual functional watches, sporty watches, dress watches, diving watches, nurses watches they all have their own features that make them unique to the wearer.

One of the most popular types of watch is the fashion watch. They are often worn as a part of an outfit or fashion accessory. Many fashion watches are designed to look beautiful, fashionable and stylish. They are generally affordable and are popular with youngsters, or for people that like to change their watch regularly to match with particular outfits or jewelry. Fashion watches are produced as an inexpensive product to follow the fashion changing.

Other fashion watches include designer watches; these however are generally quite expensive and host a vast range of features. Most designer watches often contain precious stones, diamonds and precious metals; most people consider a designer watch as a onetime investment.

The difference between a designer watch and a fashion watch is not always easy to see until viewing closely. Fashion watches that are produced nowadays are designed very well to often replicate a designer watch, they may look great but the internal features will give their inexpensive price away. A designer watch also consists of a looking great and will also be designed to last a long period of time. The features of a designer watch will be of high quality and are an added extra to the overall look of the watch.

Our advice when buying a fashion watch would be to go for a designer watch, you will often find that in the long run it will save you money, rather than buying lots of cheaper fashion watches that will break easily or discolour. So why don't you treat yourself today, here at Time Watches we have a big collection of gorgeous designer watches at great prices all of our prices are lower than on the high street. Check out our D&G Time, Seiko and Just Cavalli watches, stunning designer watches at unbelievable prices.

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