Lovely Men's Citizen Signature Grand Complication Chronograph Watch

Wonderful Citizen Signature Grand Complication Watch is crafted with a lot of attention to detail, and can be thought to be as an elite timepiece amongst watches with quartz movement. It's a large-sized chronograph view with an intricate dial, set in the multi-piece situation. The overall appearance is exceptional by each regular, as well as fact that it really is driven with Citizen’s patented Eco-Drive solar technological innovation adds to its appeal.

Citizen Signature Grand Complication Watch BZ0006-2E
Like all items from Citizen’s Signature Collection, the Grand Complication is hand-assembled. To insure a high-end seem, the Japanese firm has included superior finishing towards the situations and bracelets. It's a great combination of brushed and polished components that produce a gorgeous effect. Its situation is round and using the diameter of 44 mm (unfortunately, Citizen did not state the thickness in the situation).

Yet another enhanced function is its sapphire crystal that has an anti-reflective coating on the two sides. Moreover, the usual good quality and toughness of sapphire is sophisticated using the reality that the crystal looks absolutely transparent, almost invisible from each and every angle.

Grand Complication Watch from Citizen’s Signature Collection consists of a 1/4th of a second chronograph. There are three chrono sub dials of different sizes on the reduced part of the dial. The dial also involves a good day of week retrograde scale, on the upper left component. The view contains a date of month as well as a month of year indications, as well. Since it features a perpetual calendar function, its wearer needs to set the date only as soon as. Only hour and minute hands are luminous.

Citizen Signature Grand Complication Watch BZ0000-50A
On the stationary bezel, there exists a tachymeter scale. It's also essential to note that this timepiece has a minute repeater selection. Apart from, it is also water tight and in a position to withstand water strain to a hundred meters.

Five Readily available Versions
You will find 5 readily available variations of Citizen Signature Collection Grand Complication timepiece. You can pick among models with titanium and stainless steel scenarios and those that mix steel with rose and yellow gold. You will discover also versions which have real brown crocodile leather straps with white stitchings (a lot of people take into account Citizen’s bracelets inferior to people of Swiss suppliers and encourage leather straps as a improved option). It is also achievable to decide on among two varieties of dials. The first one is entirely black, as well as second a single is silver with black accents.

Citizen Signature Grand Complication View BZ0016-50E
The model BZ0016-50E having a black dial could be the only one made of titanium. Another two designs are created of stainless steel. The only distinction lies while in the reality the model BZ0000-50E features a black dial, though the version BZ0000-50A sports a silver dial. The variation BZ0006-02E has a black dial, rose gold accents and also a leather strap, though the final variation BZ0004-59A is produced of steel with yellow gold, paired with silver face.

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  1. There are three chrono sub dials of different sizes on the reduced part of the dial. The dial also involves a good day of week retrograde scale,

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