Replica Panerai Luminor Marina Swiss ETA 6497 Manual Winding Black Leather

Panerai feels just like a big ocean family to me. Its principle family members include Luminor Base, Luminor Chrono, Luminor GMT, Luminor Marina, Luminor Radiomir and Luminor Submersible. Each of them is inspired by the ocean and has bright brand style. Throughout Panerai replica watches, they all have the same basic features, which are cushion-shaped case and luminous marking. There is a fine distinction between different models of the same series, while, strap is the most worth seeing. In general, there are three main types of straps available in this brand; they are rubber, metal, nylon and leather. Which is the best? Let's compare their performance features below.

Metal strap: metal strap has become watch fans' first choice due to its firmness, durability, water resistance and unique metallic luster. It feels cool and smooth, which considerably fits for wearing in summer.
Leather strap: leather strap is comfortable and appropriate for wearing in winter. In consideration of its poor water resistance, you should pay more attention to it in a rainy day and protect it from sweat.

Nylon strap: nylon strap has excellent abrasive resistance, light weight and high elasticity.

Rubber strap: rubber strap not only can withstand the high and low temperature, but also has strong water resistance and corrosion resistance.

Through the introduction above, I trust that you can choose a suitable strap that meets your requirements. In addition to the choice of strap material, color selection should also not be neglected. Luckily, Panerai provides a broader range of strap color, which caters to the taste of different people. For me, I am especially in love with the black leather strap, because it always gives me a sense of mystery, elegance, fashion and deepness. At the mention of black leather strap, it suddenly called up my memory of one Panerai Luminor Marina replica watch. About half year ago, when I passed by a replica watch specialty store, I settled on this Panerai watch at the first sight among various styles of replica watches displayed in the showcase. Afterwards, I bought it at 335 dollars on a whim (an offering price which is far from the price I'm willing to accept, but never mind, I love it so much). What pushed me to buy was exactly its black leather strap, which differs widely from other models in design. Both sides of the strap have no any stitches, only the part of head and end has a few. That was why I found most intriguing. This simple and nostalgic strap always gives me unlimited reverie when I take it out to view every time. Its style ties in nicely with the ocean design concept of Panerai, as if I actually were inside the boundless ocean. This was done intentionally by designer. I do feel deeply a kind of spiritual pleasure and do believe that I make a good choice.

At last, have a look at the brief technical data of this replica Panerai Luminor Marina together.

Model: Steel Case, Black Dial, Beige Markers, Small Seconds, Black Leather Strap
Movement: Swiss ETA 6497 Manual Winding Movement
Material: Solid 316 Stainless Steel and High Quality Genuine Leather
Crystal: Sapphire Crystal Scratch Durable Glass Face
Dimensions: 45 mm


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