Panerai - The Military Spirit of Italian Navy

Founder: Giovanni Panerai

Year: 1860

Where: Florence, Italy

Wrist watch produced by Panerai with exquisite craft, strong military spirit and the distinctive style has been out of the limitations of military watch, became the grade quality timepieces sought by collectors, but also became pioneer of big watch fashion.

History of Panerai is unique, both hidden and terrifying, every Italian, and even the Europeans will be interested. Almost every watch emphasize their long-standing history, and how excellent the production process. But people who worn Panerai, not those royal family and nobles, but highlighted the danger of hero.
The journey of Panerai Watches and clocks manufacturing began at opening stores in the early 20th century Florence, Italy, but until 1938, the company began manufacturing the first watch. The watch uses Rolex movement, it is created specifically for the secret Department of the Navy design in Italian. In the second half of the 19th century, the company already became the supplier of the Italian Royal Navy to provide precision timing instruments.

The professional production makes the name of Panerai and sailing are inseparable, because of its specialized military purposes, Panerai measurements of space and time, quality and safety requirements are higher than general standards. Panerai company products for the Navy for torpedo launchers, including fluorescent mechanical calculator, scope, depth measuring instruments, compass, timer and underwater explosive. Through the accumulation of technology in this area, Panerai successfully build out a professional underwater watch for military, in fact, this is the first special waterproof watch used by diving forces.

Oversized dial and simple design created under the military background, welcome the trend of sports fashion today, special crown design makes the brand to accurately demonstrate in the low-key, small production is in line with the modern pursuit of individual characteristics. Today, if there are modern popular watch brands having full fever fashion seekers, that should be Panerai; If there are modern watch brand with the military watch demeanor and real pragmatists, that should be Panerai; If there are modern watch brands truly for men to wear, and can really show the masculine and masculinity but not too exaggerated and introverted, that also should be Panerai.
With design inspiration from the sea, Panerai brand for sports and leisure areas of high-grade watch. The Italian design style and the Swiss technical expertise, so that each watch has a distinctive brand of style and excellent quality.

Since the mid-19th century, after Panerai produced in Florence, this brand has been a representative of the military watch. You will understand why it is endurance just from the huge shape, the case design of Panerai is the most unique, the watchcase which seems square but round with a huge table to protect the device, making the whole looks like a rare flat oval which is very attractive.

Once Panerai was as the military secrets, and now position the brand for sports, leisure field of luxury watches. Panerai explain the art of time by the original method with the creative talent and enthusiasm for the process, and give the soul of sensibility for the daily use watch with the progress of design and using of outstanding materials. Every Panerai watch is integrated into advanced skills and knowledge of craftsmen, which is accompanied by coordinated and persistent feature, that is a symbol of senior watchmaking craft.

Panerai annual yield is very low, a total of not more than 3 million, but it is very famous for collectors. The annual output of Panerai has been controlled well, it is always a little more than the previous year, but always less than demand. If a retailer orders a certain number of a certain style, Panerai never completely supply them. Only after selling a watch, Panerai provide another one. In this case, the distribution of Panerai always remain "clean", there is no gray or secondary market. Panerai has 50 retailers in the United States and Canada, but Rolex has 800.

In the eyes of Panerai, great meaning of watch is on behalf of a person's philosophy and view of life, simple is the philosophy of life which is promoted by Italian brand. Panerai has always believed that there is beauty in the simple and existence of a real content. Although there are many complex parts inside the watch, but for users, it has to make them feel simple, easy and straightforward. Panerai surely reflect this idea. Take the appearance of Panerai as an example: People can always recognize Panerai at first sight, because of its particular huge dial, the disk is very clear and simple, that is a few simple figures. Compared to some very stylish watch, you might think it's too simple. However, this was not designed for the design, but design for the functions, insisting on today, it has become the distinctive and unshakable characteristics. Another example is its patented crown for the bridge, the function for the bridge is waterproof, another function is to fasten pointer, in case the indication is driven by other things, causing timing error. This is important, for the diver's watch and his life is closely linked. Why designed such a large dial and numbers, the reason is only like this can the driver wear outside the diving suit and read it convenience.

When you wear Panerai, people would exclaim: ah, so big! Yes, Panerai is so big, it will never change its style to cater to fashion. It will always be that way, will always be so big.

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